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Melinda Tizzone


Melinda is the Co-Founder of #1 And Why.  Melinda and Jarrod created #1 And Why with a clear vision to support businesses in the areas of sales, service and communication.


Melinda’s first passion was the performing arts, which is evident in the delivery of her training and facilitation. She went on to do a Bachelor of Education and it was during this time she worked at retail giant Coles Myer, facilitating their sales training.  This then led to an opportunity with international cosmetic house, Elizabeth Arden where she was the State Training & Sales Manager.  This was the start of her two-decade love affair with the cosmetic industry.


Melinda has mentored brands for over 14 years, this has been both supporting start-up and existing brands.  She has successfully helped in bringing products and services to the end consumer.  This has included: product formulation, compliance, brand identity, packaging, marketing and essentially creating a smooth process from concept to market.


Melinda’s career spans two decades and her reputation is one of being professional, knowledgeable, passionate, dynamic and of course delivering results for each and every client.  Based on the success she has created, she has also worked in retail, manufacturing, hospitality and creative industries.


Melinda is driven by her passion for helping others realise their true potential and the growth & success they achieve following this.

Your “WHY” + our “HOW” = SUCCESS

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