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# - (Hashtag)

We were inspired to use the # (hashtag) as it has evolved and is cross generational.


#1 (Number 1) What does #1 mean to you?


Being #1 is a journey that is specific to you and/or your business.  We all have a vision of what being #1 means to us. Being #1 can be a professional or personal goal.


Whyadverb – “for what, what reason, cause or purpose”


We all know exactly what we do and how we do it.  The true way to personal and professional success is to be driven by your "WHY".

#1 And Why


At #1 And Why, you and your specific outcomes are our priority.


Our team live by the philosophy that training should be dynamic, entertaining, fun and memorable.


We believe in supporting you on a journey as we share with you established techniques that are used all over the world.


The tools and techniques we take you through are tried, tested and proven methods of working.  When these tools and techniques are implemented in a structured process, they deliver proven outcomes and results.

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