"Jarrod & Mel, I thought today was FABULOUS!  Simple to grasp because you presented so well.  Looking forward to using this to help grow my social media business.  You have shown me the importance of using different words & posts to reach all behavioural types."          

 Michelle - Good Trading Co

"Jarrod, I would like to thank you for the amazing training that you have provided.  Not only did you boost our teams confidence you also increased our sales results.  You gave great guidance through each step of the journey and provided excellent tools to use in clinic.  You are truly amazing at what you do, we cannot thank you enough."

Monica - ASC Werribee 

"I have worked with Mel for a long time and I find her incredibly knowledge and passionate.  Thank you for this training, the session was highly entertaining & informative with lots of skills to use everyday.  I would highly recommend #1 And Why to everyone."

Wendy - Revelry Hair Co

"Jarrod & Mel, #1 And Why - WOW! So impressed with your training, you are both so engaging and personable and I learnt so much while being entertained, is there a better way to learn?  I am blown away by what you do and the difference it makes"

Rita - pH Factor & Education Hub

"It's difficult to know where to start.  You have truly blown me away with how exceptional you have been over the last 2 days.  I'd heard you were good but now I know you are in fact AMAZING!  A great inspiration to all of us.  I'm so glad I met you that night."

Cath - Heaven Spa

"You told me about a book called The Secret.  What I found was you were that for us and our team.  Inspirational.  Amazing.  Powerful.  You are going to be my most talked about secret".  

Josh - Redken Education Team

"Where have you been all of my life???  You have completely changed my life both professionally and personally.  Your passion is incredible and I am forever grateful for the impact you made and to continue to make on my business.  We refer to all things now as either BLJ or ALJ (before Lord Jarrod or after Lord Jarrod) 🤣🤣🤣".  

Nicola - ThaSpa & Skin By Nicky

"Jarrod would have to be the most colourful and entertaining person I have met in my life.  Add to this his ability to share skills and tools to get the best out of yourself and your team for optimum impact and WOW!  I highly recommend #1 And Why for any business looking to grow their team and maximise their results."

Andrea - Hairhouse

"You are just what we've been waiting for!!! Thank you for dedicating your career to bring DISC to people.  WOW!".  

Julie - Renew Medica