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We created #1 And Why (Number 1 And Why) with a passion and drive to work with people who want to innovate and succeed.



We love what we do and are inspired by seeing people have those light bulb moments and knowing that we helped make that happen.  We understand that everyone has a different way of learning and processing information, we ensure that everyone walks away from our sessions with the confidence they will succeed.

We are motivated by the messages we receive on a daily basis saying "Thank you, what you shared with us in training has changed my life".


We work with individuals, start-ups, small businesses and large corporate, across multiple industries. We work at every level that your business requires, from new team member to CEO.  We do this by understanding your number 1 priority and creating bespoke training programs, that deliver proven outcomes.



We specialise in sales, service and communication training.

Click on our contact page and let us know how we can help.


Most Requested Training Programs:

💡 Team Building

💡 Behavioural Profiling

💡 Communication Skills

💡 Leadership

💡 Train the Trainer

💡 Mentor

💡 Brand Strategy

💡 Sales Strategy & Execution

Your “WHY” + our “HOW” = SUCCESS

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